If you're in the market for a job and love movies, there is a spot here in Boise that might be just what you're looking for. According to Indeed.com, Regal Edwards Boise IMAX Theater is hiring for the position of "movie researcher" and is paying up to $18 an hour for the part-time job.

"Get Paid To Talk About Movies!"

The job description begins with the tagline: "Get Paid To Talk About Movies!" and while they're certainly not wrong, it's a bit different than what any of us would imagine. The job will have you working at their research location which is located at 7701 W. Overland Rd. here in Boise. The description says that the position will require employees to "survey the public about current or upcoming movies, television, and music."

I have to admit that a job where you get to talk about movies sounds pretty awesome. Also, as the description suggests, you'll have an impact on the feedback that the film industry receives which let's be real - can use some help.

There are certainly people out there like myself who catch themselves rolling their eyes at a "big reveal" moment in a movie or don't really find a horror movie that "scary." This is a chance to stir up those conversations with people and maybe you can save the rest of us from having to pay for a ticket to what we consumers consider a "steaming pile."

Or, as the post says on Indeed, it could be a great opportunity for students to dive into a job that deals with some solid market research. Either way, you get to tell your friends that you get paid to talk about movies.

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