🎃 Why do teens pull Halloween pranks?

There's a whole bag of reasons! For one, it adds to the fun and mischievous vibe of the holiday.

For a lot of teens, Halloween is like a big, neon sign that says, "Go ahead, be wild!" It's the one magical night when you can let your creative freak flag fly. Kids get to flex their imagination and funny bones, dreaming up tricks that will catch their friends off guard and leave everyone in stitches.

Like a contest to see who can pull off the craftiest, spookiest, or most "I didn't see that coming" stunts, Halloween pranks are exhilarating to the mischievous. That element of surprise and the not-knowing-how-others-will-react part is baked into the Halloween spirit.

🎃 Halloween pranks bring teens together!

Maybe not for everyone, but for some of us, pulling a terrific pranks is a bonding experience. When teens team up to plan and execute a group prank, it's like friendship super glue. They're creating shared memories that bring them closer together and make Halloween even more memorable.

🎃 But some Halloween pranks go too far.

That's when it becomes a problem, or worse, a legal issue. Halloween pranks might be the ultimate "I'm doing it my way" statement, but sometimes teens don't realize when they've crossed the line. See for yourself in the gallery below!

5 Halloween Pranks that Can Get Idaho Teens Arrested

Year after year, makers of mischief opt for tricks over treats on Devil's Night!

While the tradition of Halloween pranks are baked into the spooky holiday, certain shenanigans can land the culprits in a cauldron of hot water with local law enforcement.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela


Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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