Ah, yes the 1980s. Big hair, spandex, and believe it or not - a world without iPhones.

Boise was a different city back then and believe it or not, there were barely over 100,000 people living in it at the time.

(Want to know what Boise's population was every decade to now? Click here!)

It's different now - most of us spend a ridiculous time on our phones (iPhone screen report anyone?) and take everything that 2023 has to offer for granted. It's a busy and hectic world.. can you blame anyone for taking it all for granted?

Don't worry, there are still people who miss 1980s Boise!

As a matter of fact, people miss the 1980s in Boise so much that there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated entirely to creating the ultimate "Boise 1980s Starter Pack."

From the ultimate water park to your favorite 1980s retail stores... let's look at the ultimate 1980s Boise starter pack.

What would you add? I would love to hear it here!

Your Ultimate Boise 1980s Starter Pack in 7 Photos

Let's look at 7 things that absolutely defined the 80s in Boise.

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Since we're on the subject of throwbacks and nostalgia, let's talk about these vintage Treasure Valley commercials that will surely take you on a trip down memory lane.

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Can we please talk about how cheap food was back in the day? Shoot, I would love to bring fashion trends back from the old days but don't you agree that this would be better?

5 Old School Boise Menus Reveal How Cheap Eating Out Was from 1930-80s

Thanks to memorabilia collectors on eBay, we were able to take a very cool walk down memory lane!

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How about these restaurants that have stood the test of time? Have you been to any of these local favorites?

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