Thanks to the internet we have endless ways to leave our mark on the world. Whether it's by going viral on TikTok for an ingenious life hack or campaigning a cause on YouTube... there are many ways to make an impact. One of the more "legitimate" ways is through the platform we all know as

...or is it?

While there are certainly noble causes seeking signatures on, there are also a handful of petitions that seem like a bit of a reach.

Such is the case with a pair of petitions that seek to have Idaho join Canada and even create a 51st state with land in Canada... and call it "Udaho."

No, seriously. I can't make this up. The first petition calls for Idaho to be donated to Canada:

We already have enough states in this country, and Idaho just doesn't seem to ever accomplish all that much for the world besides a few potatoes here and there. Canada could also use some more land to do stuff with since their government actually accomplishes stuff, unlike ours. I say that we just give all of Idaho to the Canadians as a friendship token or something, maybe they'll find a proper use for it.

The other petition is a bit more detailed and you can read more about it here, but it proposes forming a "51st state" that's connected to Idaho with land in Canada.

It would be called "Udaho."

I have to admit that I kind of like this idea but I'm not too sure that our friends up north would be okay with surrendering that land for Udaho.

Would you sign any of the petitions?

Actually - would you sign a petition that goes beyond the Greater Idaho movement?

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