Misjudged & Misunderstood: California Mormons & LDS

They're our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, the biggest Adopt-a-Highway enthusiasts we know, and the first to welcome newcomers to the neighborhood. Yet California's Mormon and LDS members are often accused of being anything but kind Christians.

Cultists, radical conservatives, anti-gay, and racists are just a few slurs that come to mind when we think about the off-color accusations being hurled at the followers of Joseph Smith.



Why do Californians judge Mormons & LDS members so harshly?

But why? It couldn't be their attitude towards coffee. We know plenty of people who don't care for coffee or caffeinated drinks whatsoever.

Is it their stance on premarital sex? Once again, plenty of people believe in saving their virginity for their future wife or husband. Perhaps it's their preference for modest undergarments that tips the scales for the anti-Mormon/anti-LDS crowd. Who knows?

No matter how much they've contributed to their communities or how much they've kept to themselves, it seems California's Mormon and LDS members are met with hostility and contempt more often than not. And that's wrong, especially in 2024 America.

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