It’s been over six years since roller coaster enthusiasts stumbled upon a trademark Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah filed for an “amusement park ride in the nature of a roller coaster.” After years in the making, the new coaster is ready for guests! 

If you’ve visited the Lagoon Facebook page any time this year, it won’t take you long to realize the most frequently asked question in the comments section is “When is Priomordial opening?” The park revealed the name of the new ride last November as a way to launch their Season Passport sale. The teaser video promised the coaster would open in 2023. 

YouTube/Coaster Studios
YouTube/Coaster Studios

We’re not surprised that people who bought their season passports because of that announcement have been getting antsy about the ride. The park is operating on limited hours on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and October 19 through the end of Frightmares on October 29. To many, it seemed like time was running out for the coaster to open in 2023. 

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Well, the park is making good on their promise and season passport holders will have the first opportunity to ride Primordial! Season Passport holders received an e-mail, inviting them to enjoy an exclusive, one-time, Primordial ride experience Monday-Thursday from 4-8 p.m., with the exception of October 19 (since it’s a normal operating day.) Reservations for valid season passport holders can be made seven days in advance and are available starting at 7 a.m. 

Browsing through the comment section of Lagoon’s social media accounts, it seems like the reservations for the first week filled up almost immediately. The first season passport holder rides are scheduled to begin September 19. 

If you’re NOT a season pass holder, the special events page for the Primordial event says that the regular queue line is open to ALL GUESTS on the regular operating days we listed above. 

What Do We Know About Primordial?

The park hasn’t added the ride’s official description to the attractions section of their website yet, but as coster enthusiasts ourselves, we did a little digging and found some details in the park’s Disability Guide. From that guide, we know that Primordial is an interactive ride that encourages rider participation and each rider is given 3D glasses to wear throughout the experience. 

Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park
Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park

Once seated, your cart rotates and takes you up to the highest point of the coaster. From there you can expect quick turns and sudden drops as you try to score points while traveling through theatrical lighting, fog and haze. 

From previous announcements and interviews with park reps, we know that the minimum height to ride is 36” and that those under 48” need to ride with an adult. We also know that the footprint is about 30% larger than Cannibal, the park’s last new coaster that opened in 2015.

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