President Biden couldn't resist taking another shot at Idaho's premier university, the University of Idaho. The president and his sidekick Vice President Kamala Harris, hosted the second meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access.

The president mentioned several states reacting to the United States Supreme Court ruling sending the abortion decision back to the states. Idaho has been in the cross hairs recently; the Biden Justice Department, the White House Press Secretary, and the national Satanists have all attacked Idaho's Pro-Life policy since the Dobbs decision.



The University of Idaho sent an email directing its staff not to avoid mentioning abortion and contraceptives to comply with Idaho state law. President Biden has this to say about the university's decision.

"Folks, what century are we in? What are we doing? I respect everyone's view on this personal decision they make. But, my lord, we're talking about contraception here. It shouldn't be that controversial."

The president continues to position the university's policy as extreme; however, is it too radical to instruct state educators to focus on teaching instead of abortion? Do we believe that today's sophisticated young people are unaware of where they can get contraception? Have they visited a drug store lately? The truth doesn't get in the way of the president's twisted focus on Idaho.

He charged that the University of Idaho is taking away their student's right to privacy. Using the president's logic, are we to assume that the state through the university is the only source for students to gain information on abortion and contraceptives?

President Biden should focus on reducing our historic rising debt and uncontrollable gas prices. Leave Idaho to Idahoans Mr. President.

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