It's every person who loves a pet's worse fear. What happens when you lose your dog, cat, or another favorite animal? Animal care workers and veterinarians always tell us that our pets should be micro chipped. They say that if someone loses their four-legged furry family member, a microchip search can reunite lost pets with their families.

Although Wichita, Kansas, is over 1,400 miles from Caldwell, Idaho, a Kansas family is thankful that their beloved Roscoe the beagle was found thanks to a micro chip. KAKE TV reported that the family had kept the same phone number and was excited that Roscoe was in Idaho. However, it took them a while to figure out how far Caldwell was from their home in Kansas. 

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How was Roscoe found in Idaho? It was the Facebook Group Lost & Found Pets Caldwell, Idaho.

From Shae DeBerry and Katherine Miller 

"This is Roscoe. He went missing from Wichita Kansas 8, YES EIGHT years ago when his human siblings were little kids. When he was a one year old pup he was with a dog sitter and just disappeared.

We have no idea who has had him all this time or how he ended up in Caldwell Idaho (of all places) when he came to be found last Wednesday. We are just so thankful he was found by Kiera and we could be a part of his amazing send off and journey back home. There will always be pieces of the puzzle missing. We wish Roscoe could tell the story.

This inspiring story's great lesson is to get your pets micro chipped. You never know when someone will find your lost loved one. Can you believe after eight years and over fourteen hundred miles, Roscoe will be going home?

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