Lori Vallow's trial has drawn international interest from media outlets nationwide. The outside of the Ada County Courthouse is now the home of several media outlets covering the Idaho Cult Mom Trial. ( I don't know why they call her that name?)

However, have you ever wondered, and maybe you haven't, what happens before the reporter broadcast or write their story? Do they work for a few minutes or spend hours prepping for their three-minute report?

With those questions in mind, we briefly walked to the media area outside the Ada County Courthouse. We spoke to folks from Phoenix, Salt Lake, and other parts of the country, asking them what they do in between reports.

They told us they're in the courtroom before the trial begins taking notes and updating Twitter feeds due to the national and local appetite for this tragic story.


One ruling that has favored the journalist is that the judge has not allowed any cameras in the court. The attorneys are not allowed to talk about the case, limiting the story's distribution. On the other hand, without having any comments from the parties involved, the reporters themselves will have to tell the story of what happens every day in court.

With those factors in mind, let's take a look at what's happening at the Ada County Courthouse.

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