Early Saturday morning a local cow appeared to have wandered away from its farm and made it's way to the nearest Walmart in Post Falls, ID.

Employees were able to safely corral the cow using shopping carts into an area out in front of the store. They even placed a little plant next to her, which was a nice touch!  A woman named Amanda Grace shared pictures on Facebook saying, "Our local Walmart gives “grocery pickup” a whole new meaning. Friends, if she’s yours, they put out a bulletin asking you to come get your cow."

Thankfully the owner did eventually come to pick up her cow riding bareback on a horse, wearing sandals, with a baby strapped to her front. The woman then guided her cow home.

The event quickly went viral on social media and provided a good laugh. I'm not going to lie when I first saw these pictures I thought they were photoshopped, then I remembered we were in Idaho and it all made sense.  People in the comments all agreed this was a very Idaho thing to see on their Facebook feed - from the cow itself to the owner riding bareback on a horse to claim it.

This isn't the first time a cow or two has been on the loose in Idaho. Back in 2014, several cows escaped a meat-processing plant in Pocatello. In 2018 a cow escaped a cattle sale in Lewiston. Luckily the Wal-Mart had a home that it was safely returned to.

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