Is there a more iconic restaurant than the golden arches of McDonald's? Idaho, thanks to JR Simplot and Idaho Potatoes, has a special relationship with America's most famous fast-food chain. McDonald's has posted record profits despite the rising cost of food prices and higher labor costs.

Despite its success, McDonald's is making a significant change that will alter everyone's dining experience. This change will also eliminate one of the best benefits of dining inside.

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McDonald's will indeed remove the self-serve soda stations. For folks under thirty-five, there was a time when most fast-food restaurants didn't have self-serve soda fountains.

McDonald's Big Moves Rewarded by Wall Street

NBC News reports that the home of the Big Mac's move to digital has paid off in a big way.

McDonald’s digital sales — made up of app, delivery and kiosk purchases — accounted for almost 40% of systemwide sales for the second quarter of 2023. Revenue rose 14% to $6.5 billion for the period, the chain reported in July, and net income nearly doubled to $2.3 billion for the quarter — exceeding analysts’ expectations.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller

The Reason for The Big Move

The home of the Golden Arches wants customers to experience the same experience wherever they're enjoying their favorite Chicken McNuggets or Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

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Cate Gillon, Getty Images

What About the Free Refills?

Idahoans will now have to go to the counter and have the counter person refill your drink. A recent trip to the McDonald's in New York Times Square reveals that the majority if not all of the orders were done through a large computer screen.

Is McDonald's your favorite fast-food restaurant in Idaho?

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The following statistics are based on data from the year 2022.

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New York is Home to The Most Beautiful McDonalds Location in America

The Denton House McDonald's location is at 2045 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, New York. Here's a look inside. [Photo credit: Lejaceman via Trip Advisor]

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New Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth, Texas Gallery:

The fact is, this McDonalds is not "fully automated", they have a smaller staff working in the kitchen filling the orders, but the counter-person, all-to-often found with a bad attitude, has been eliminated in this dining concept. This new McDonalds is much smaller and has no seating for indoor dining. This is a take-out-only concept with all staff concentrating on getting the orders right. Will it work? We'll see.

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