It’s plain and simple: Idaho is becoming an unaffordable place to live.

It’s heartbreaking, especially seeing data that only reaffirms this realization. 




Using Zillow and other providers, researchers at the Florida Atlantic University, College of Business were able to determine the most overpriced cities in the United States.

Their data basically broke down: 

  • What the prices of homes should be 


  • What they’re actually selling for


And by comparing the discrepancy between these two numbers, this gave a percentage of how overpriced that particular housing market is.


15 cities stood out from the rest…

They ranked the top 100 most overpriced housing markets in America, but they discovered that 15 of those cities were vastly different than the others.

These 15 cities were all overvalued by more than 50% – and four of them were even overvalued by more than 60%. 

So here are those cities that have the most overvalued housing markets...

Prepare yourself to see Boise’s shocking results.

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All numbers from 24/7 Wall St &

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