Jimmy Fallon is one of the most gifted entertainers in entertainment. Whether television, movies, or singing, Mr. Fallon is a master at holding and capturing the nation's attention. Idaho is known to be a state that attracts Hollywood types, as it's not unusual to see anyone from the Kardashians to Arnold Schwarzenegger roaming around Sun Valley. Heck, even multi-media millionaire actor/producer Mark Wahlberg visits Boise occasionally, as we've reported here. 

However, what could bring the iconic Tonight Show host to the Gem State? He didn't the usual suspects Coeur d'Alene, McCall, Sun Valley, Boise, or Nampa. No Jimmy Fallon traveled 2,258.4 miles to find his ideal Idaho city to visit. He wasn't vacationing; he was looking for a particular tool for a musical instrument.

East Idaho News reported that Mr. Fallon visited Idaho Falls-based Mike's Music and bought a guitar, much to the initial disbelief of the store owners. Let's face it, would you believe someone if they said they were Jimmy Fallon? All it took was for the ubiquitous media star to lift his sunglasses to confirm his identity to the owners. 

Owner Linda Doggett explained to East Idaho News: “Fallon walked over to me and extended his hand to shake my hand and so I shook his hand and then… I reached up and lifted up his sunglasses so I could see his eyes. The sunglasses were really, really dark and you couldn’t see his eyes at all!” she explained. “So I lifted up his sunglasses and see his eyes and said, ‘Yup! It’s Jimmy Fallon.'”


Jimmy Fallon Loves Idaho?

Despite the distance from Rockefeller Center to our beloved state, the Gem State has been on Mr. Fallon's mind over the years. Years ago, he had fun with then-Congressman Raul Labrador, now the state's attorney general.


Mr. Fallon also brought worldwide attention to Idaho's Farmstead Corn maze.

We can't forget Mr. Fallon's famous impersonation of Idaho's most famous TikTok star.

Let's hope that Mr. Fallon decided to head to the Treasure Valley. Please let us know if you see him in town.

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