Northwest Nazerne University has decided that the mascot Crusaders does not represent their core values, apparently the powers that be decided students and alumni have more in common with a bird. 

I don't know what a Nighthawk is, but I do know who the Crusaders were and why the Crusades were an essential part of Western Civilization. The Crusades were about who would control the Holy Land. The Christians verses the Muslims. Remnants of those wars resonate today.

Apparently, those sacrifices by those early Christians are out of step with what NNU represents today. Being a Crusader isn't PC in the global world from the Nampa main campus. So the university decided that to change the name of the mascot to the Nighthawks. Let's face it; a Nighthawk is non-offensive.

In fact, the university was so sensitive to being offensive; they booted the knight in shining armor as their mascot last year ago according to a published report.

Okay, first a disclaimer, I like NNU, I think they have a great university, and I respect everything that they've accomplished. However, even friends can disagree. I would expect a college in Berkley or Vermont to have a bias against a knight in shining armor, not a Christian institution in Nampa, Idaho.

Who doesn't like a knight in armor? How can anyone find that offensive? We have neutered the idea of critical thought and responsibility. I wonder how many alumni were contacted before the administration decided to become the Nighthawks?

Who in their right mind would distance themselves from the Crusades at a Christian University? Many according to another published report.

The lesson for NNU Students and Staff is that history is not perfect or politically correct. It's uncomfortable; it's supposed to be. For if we gloss over the mistakes of the past; we're destined to repeat them. The Nighthawks did not fight for Christianity, but the Crusaders did. Sadly poultry will replace principle at NNU.

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