Famous Christian Singer Sean Feucht has left Idaho after a performance that drew a thousand folks to the state capitol last week. The local Satanic group protested the event, which ended peacefully. However, the ever-opinionated Idaho Statesman issued an editorial ripping Mr. Feucht's appearance in Idaho, calling him and Christians 'dangerous.'

Fox News reported Mr. Feucht took to social media to respond to the Statesman's editorial. The young Christian singer appears regularly on the news channel and is a welcomed guest.



  Mr. Feucht's appearance in Idaho was part of the Kingdom To The Capitol Tour designed to bring awareness to Christians and churches to become more involved in local, state, and national politics.      



The tour will take place in every state capitol across the country, including a 'surprise' appearance in New York City's Time Square, Mr. Feucht revealed to Fox News in an exclusive interview.

Mr. Feucht took to his newsletter to explain the reaction from the Satanists and the Idaho Statesman to his concert that drew thousands to Boise on a Sunday Morning.

I don't begrudge the Statesman for what they wrote—they are well within their Constitutional right. We both exercised our rights under the same amendment. What they wrote is not so much a critique of the Let Us Worship Movement as it was a shameless plug for the LGBTQ agenda. To stand on the Bible is dangerous in the year 2023, especially when that truth conflicts with the LGTBQ agenda. 

You can read the editorial from the Idaho Statesman here. 

Sean Feucht's Amazing Boise Performance

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Sean Feucht's Amazing Boise Performance

Idahoans Rally for their faith!

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