The job of most television personalities is to be provocative and to drive ratings. As most of us know, the more people tune into a program; the more advertising dollars are attracted to the program, which allows the program to continue to broadcast shows.

One of television's most provocative stars has been living in Idaho for a few days covering the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. In November, Brian Kohberger was accused of killing all four University of Idaho students.  

As the Idaho legal system processes Mr. Kohberger's case, Nancy Grace has been reporting from Moscow for her Fox Nation podcast Crime Stories with Nancy Grace and on the Fox News Channel. In addition to her reporting, the former prosecutor has been documenting her time in Moscow on social media.

Her posts have caused an emotional reaction from several Idahoans who would like her to leave the crime scene. Some folks have even gotten vulgar on social media, expressing their opinion on Mrs. Grace. My colleague Mateo wrote an open letter to Nancy Grace. You can read this thoughts


Idahoans Want Nancy Grace to Leave Idaho (Warning Some of these Posts are Vulgar)


National Media Figures Exploiting Moscow Murders

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Moscow Murder Scene Recreated in Popular Sims Video Game

A video has surfaced which gives a tour of the Moscow, Idaho home where 4 college students were tragically killed--as recreated in Sims. The creator shared that she hopes it does not offend anyone, but that it was her way of trying to help.

Inside the Moscow Murder Investigation


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