The days of Tucker Carlson being the top-rated show on Fox News and cable television appear to be over. Today the network announced that Friday was Tucker's last show on Fox. The move has caused a massive amount of speculation on several levels.

Why did Fox part ways with Mr. Carlson? Did the decision have anything to do with the recently settled Dominion lawsuit? What's next for Fox at 8 pm? Who will the network choose to fill that significant role? Will Tucker Carlson start his platform?

Tucker Carlson Interviews Janice McGeachin

He did that once, creating the Daily Caller; could he do it again? Will we see Tucker on Newsmax? OAN? Or perhaps CNN, who just fired Don Lemon?


Did he quit? Was he fired? As the world continues to react to this breaking news story, let's look at how folks around Idaho are responding to this seismic move.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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