Well, that didn't take long. After a year of punishing primary campaigns, the Idaho Republican Party, one of the country's most politically dominant political parties, held its convention in Twin Falls, Idaho. New leadership was elected at every level, and the party adopted its platform to take to Gem State voters.

I'd speculate that the ink had barely dried on the ballots, but in the digital age, who uses ink? In other words, it hasn't taken long for the usual suspects within the state's progressive media power structure to declare the party of Lincoln the party of extremists. Let's start with our friends on the editorial board of the Idaho Statesman. 

Here's their editorial headline: In convention dominated by fear, control and cruelty, extremists take over Idaho GOP.

John Birch Society?

The article suggests that the Idaho GOP has been taken over by the John Birch Society and provides a one-sided look at several controversial issues that have been litigated on talk radio, social media platforms, and courtrooms.  

There was a mention of the patriots for pizza event that unfortunately led to homeless folks being invited to a Tom Luna for chairman event. It was a cruel joke that was meant to embarrass the state party. No one has admitted to printing the fake flyers and passing them out to the folks living near the Twin Falls homeless shelter. However, that didn't stop the Statesman's editorial board from condemning Republicans for the insensitive action.  

'That cruelty was on vivid display at the Twin Falls convention. Someone — and certainly many people in the party know who did this, but they are either cowards or complicit.'

Who did it?

Can we all imagine that according to the Statesman's editorial board's logic, all Republicans are guilty until proven innocent? Could the culprit have been a liberal, a Democrat, or someone who is just an idiot? No, in the eyes of the editorial board, all Republicans are evil; then again, let's consider the judgment of the folks at the Statesman. Didn't they endorse Joe Biden for president?  

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