For years and years, the average life expectancy in America has increased. Politicians remind us that when Social Security was created, most Americans didn't live long enough to collect their contributions. That may be why the benefit has lasted so long for so many years. However, Americans, thanks to various factors, are living longer.

The expanded life expectancy hit a snag thanks to the COVID pandemic, from which the world hasn't recovered. Advances in nutrition, education, medicine, and other factors have aided Americans in living longer. Some folks can remember when smoking was allowed at work, on planes, in restaurants, and other places. Today, smoking is limited, and most smokers have turned to vaping.

Other factors like losing weight and living an active lifestyle have been shown to lengthen one's life. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report detailing life expectancies. The news broke down the state where people live the longest.  

Is Idaho one of the states where Americans live the longest? How long are you expected to live in America? The average life expectancy is 78.8 years. The state with the longest life expectancy is Hawaii, where they live for 80.7 years. 

Want to live longer? You might want to move to these states:

Washington 79.2 years

Minnesota 79.1 years

California 79 years

Massachusetts 79 years

New Hampshire 79 years

Vermont 78.8 years

Oregon 78.8 Years 

Utah 78.6 Years 

Connecticut 78.4 years

Idaho 78.1 years 

Idaho is the state with the eleventh longest life expectancy. You can click the link here to see the rest of the life tables.

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