Like many states in America, Idaho is filled with beautiful and scenic cities across the Gem State. The vast state is home to the largest population center, the Treasure Valley, the majestic McCall Donalley area, Sun Valley, Couer d'Alene, and eastern Idaho. Every region takes pride in its community and has abundant natural resources that rival any part of the country.

However, can anyone objectively choose the best place to live in Idaho? Will folks in North Idaho really accept that Boise is as beautiful as their towns? Before we reveal the best place to live in Idaho, let's not forget some places aren't the best places to live in the Gem State.

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What makes a city or town in Idaho the most appealing? Is the natural resources? The access to fun things to do, like world-class restaurants, entertainment centers, or one-of-a-kind nature trails?

Why Not Boise?

Boise is Idaho's capital city and the state's business center. Critics of Boise say the taxes are too high and the politics are too liberal. The growth of Boise has led to traffic congestion as the streets are always under construction. Boise offers access to Boise State University, a vibrant, growing downtown scene, the foothills, and the famous Greenbelt.

Is It McCall?

McCall is a favorite among folks across the state, particularly the Treasure Valley, who love the incredible outdoor experience. Like the Treasure Valley, McCall is a victim of its success as developers replace beloved forests with another housing development. McCall is not Idaho's most scenic or beautiful place to live.

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Idaho's Most Beautiful Place To Live Is?

According to Stacker, it's Moscow, Idaho.

'Sharing a border with Washington state, Moscow began attracting settlers around 1871 for its lush grasslands and large amount of timber. The town is home to a weekend farmers' market, the University of Idaho, and the paved Latah Trail connecting Moscow and Troy for joggers and cyclists.'

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