This is a topic that has been quietly discussed among many Idahoans. Large corporations have been advocating for Idaho to adopt a strategy similar to California's. However, it's important to remember that every state, including Idaho, is a border state, as stated by Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue in an interview with Fox News. This issue is not just about policy; it's about the future of our state and our role in shaping it.

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Several state senators and lobbying groups have tried to pass a law enabling illegal citizens to drive legally in Idaho. They say they can't fill the jobs because Americans don't want to work. Thankfully, their attempts have gone nowhere. Common sense dictates if you allow illegal/undocumented folks to drive, it will lead to more of them coming into Idaho, taking jobs and resources from Idahoans.

Several blue states and cities that declared themselves sanctuary cities are now overwhelmed with too many illegal people in their areas. Some cities have begun sending illegals to red states.

Idahoans have speculated that busloads of illegal folks are unloading in the Boise area. There was no specific evidence until a video on X or Twitter late last weekend. Have you seen the video? Let's take a look at it below.


Many who've seen the video say they believe buses of illegal folks are in Boise. Others say the video is misleading because they're all migrant workers. This video will continue to resonate until someone finds out the truth.

The legislature attempted to pass a law allowing local law enforcement to detain and remove illegal folks found in the state. Unfortunately, the law didn't get enough support.

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