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It’s Official…The Big Game on Sunday is GREAT for Idaho!

On Sunday Americans will eat 28 million pounds of potato chips. On average Americans eats 120 pounds of potatoes a year. That is almost a spud a day.
Sunday will be a day when we go Coo Coo for potatoes.
If we laid Sundays potato chips end to end, it would add up to 293,000 miles and this doesn’t even count Potato Skins.

By the way, the average potato skin has 220 calories a piece (depending on what you put on them).
On Sunday the average American will ingest at least 2400 Calories during the 5 hour game.
Some little know potato facts: People in Shakespeare's time viewed the potato as an aphrodisiac and labeled them "Apples of Love." Potatoes are the world's 4th food staple after wheat, corn and rice. Vincent Van Gogh painted four still-life canvases devoted entirely to the potato. During the 18th century, potatoes were served as a dessert, hot and salted, in a napkin.

God Bless Peru and Bolivia, where the potato originated. What the heck, the big game only comes up once a year, dip your chip and enjoy!

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