The Idaho Legislature has started this session with a focus on limiting the amount of influence health districts will have in the future.  New proposed legislation would empower Idahoans to go to athletic events. Currently, the state's health district's have the power to limit the amount of people who attend sporting events.  The Idaho Press reports that the House State Affairs Committee introduced legislation that would allow Idahoans more freedom when it comes to attending sporting events.

Republican State Representative Brent Crane of Nampa spoke about the importance of parents being their for their kids competitions.  He pointed out that kids can go to school, but concerns over safety in Covid Idaho limits the parents from attending games.

This proposal was one of many legislative bills that will be looked at and voted on this year.  The legislature has been frustrated by their lack of influence during the state of emergency.  Idahoans have become increasingly upset with their lack of freedoms due to health district guidelines.

Governor Little has come under fire for not mandating a statewide mask mandate.  The governor has told us many times that he believes most Idahoans would not follow one.   The separation of powers will be the major issue that is debated during this session.  The legislators believe that they should have the right to call themselves back into session if there is an emergency as we experienced in 2020.

A group of legislators did attempt to call themselves back into session, but that had limited appeal as a small number of officials showed up in Boise.


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