It was threatened over the last few days, and last night, it became reality.  The Federal Government is shut down, but what does that mean for those of us in Idaho? 

In truth, with this happening first over the weekend, we may not notice many changes.  If the shut down stretches into next week, that could be a very different scenario.

At this time, "essential" workers are still performing their duties.  That includes national security and law enforcement, the Postal Service is still delivering mail, Social Secruity payments are still being made, and in the medical world veteran's hospitals and Medicare and Medicaid programs are still functioning.

If you are traveling, airports and air traffic controllers as well Transportation Security Administration workers are continuing as they typically would.  Train travel on Amtrak continues as well.

Key closures if the shut down continues into next week would impact the Internal Revenue Service, which would pause programs and close down helplines.  Other specific agencies could see reductions as early as this coming week.

For more specifics, check out coverage from our news partner KTVB Newschannel 7.

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