The Covid crisis has changed how we live in today's America.  Could we see an end to one day actually going to work?  More Americans continue to get comfortable with working from a home office and saving money on cars, parking, and other expenses associated with a long commute.

More US workers like working from home US employees who found themselves working from home amid the pandemic have apparently grown to prefer the shorter commute. According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup poll released Wednesday, 42% of nearly 1,100 workers surveyed last month said they generally enjoyed working from home, reports Bloomberg.

Only 14% didn't like it. Bloomberg reports nearly one-third of 1,200 workers surveyed back in June by PricewaterhouseCoopers who said, that if they had their druthers, they'd never see their office again. 72% said they'd prefer to work remotely at least two days each week.

With the growth of homeschooling, could we see more folks working from home? Large companies are beginning to evaluate how they can have smaller work footprints.  The state of Idaho has seen a rise in telecommuters who can work from anyone in the world.

Have you grown to enjoy working from home? What are the perks? What are the struggles? Do you miss your co-workers? Do you miss all of your co-workers? How can companies capitalize on their employees' attitudes? Are some local companies giving up their physical locations for a fully remote workforce? Will you continue to work at least somewhat from home? How might a growing remote workforce change US culture and spending habits?

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