Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding Treasure Valley areas have long been known for their diverse industries, ranging from agriculture to healthcare and technology. This mix of careers and employment opportunities creates a variety of different work habits among residents.

One trait that consistently stands out in Idaho is a profound appreciation for hard work. The question is: how does Idaho's work ethic measure up against the rest of the nation?

Keep reading for a list of the most dangerous jobs in Boise and more.

In 2023, Idaho proudly secured its position among the nation's most industrious states, landing in the 17th spot in WalletHub's comprehensive study. This ranking highlights the exceptional dedication to work that characterizes our state.

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub's report, Idaho has a total score of 49.95 based on 26 direct work factors and 4 indirect work factors — placing our state in the top 20.

While this achievement is commendable, many Idahoans might find it surprising that we didn't crack the top 10. Given our unwavering commitment to excellence and hard work, its natural for Idahoans to want to place among the top 10 contenders.

Beyond our strong work ethic, Idahoans excel in striking a balance between professional pursuits and enjoying the beautiful landscapes that our state offers. Idaho ranks among the top states for achieving a solid work-life balance.

Keep reading for a list of the most dangerous jobs in Boise and more.

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