Thousands of Treasure Valley residents and law enforcement officials attended a memorial service at Taco Bell Arena for K9 Officer Jardo who died while trying to recover from injuries.  Jardo was remembered as a protector of the community who gave his life to save fellow officers. 

On Tuesday, Boise police and civilians gathered at the Taco Bell Arena to pay their respects to the fallen K9 officer, Jardo.

The six-year-old Belgian Malinois served in the Boise Police for three years, and was beloved throughout the department.

According to Boise PD, Jardo was an abnormally affectionate police dog. Brian Lee, Boise Police:

He would come up and he would force the petting – if you were there, he was going to get petted. He was very personable amongst the officers in the station, so I think that’s what made him special to a lot of people.

It was a very somber but touching memorial service. Mayor Dave Bieter, Boise Police Chief Bill Bones, and others close to Jardo spoke in honor of our lost comrade.

Rest in peace, Jardo.