On the corner of Broadway Avenue and East Park Boulevard, Dope, Boise’s boutique boxing gym packs a punch of  high intensity 12-round  badass boxing. Combining everything from strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, power and form. One “Boom session” will have you feeling ultra motivated, but it’s the “Dope” experience that follows. Dopamine is the central chemical in the brain that regulates how you perceive and experience pleasure. It is this pleasurable moment that fuels Dope boxing and has people coming back over and over again. 

Melissa Levick is the founder and coach of Dope’s boutique boxing in Boise. 

Melissa shared she hasn’t always been a boxer, “I found boxing after my second knee surgery and had two ACL surgeries. I’ve always been really athletic and I thought I was only gonna be able to do pilates and yoga from here on out which is great.  I love those two things but I really like high intensity stuff.”


It was her desire to seek a high intensity workout and the same boxing community she had back when she started. 


Melissa ended up moving to Boise a few years ago and at the time there wasn’t a gym where she felt that same sense of community. Incorporating her skills, and love for hip-hip and boxing the perfect combo was created: Dope.

“Dope is a  play on words. I love hip-hop music and it’s what we play here. It's kind of a drive to the whole studio. So it’s a play on the phrase it's Dope but it’s also about the dopamine hit you get when you box. 


Since opening Melissa always gets the question “Who is your demographic?”  She's explains that  It doesn’t matter your age, your sex, your gender, or your level of experience. 


Dope has many trainers allowing you to pick what you would like to focus on more. The Boom and Pow  class divides your training into two styles. One half focuses on sharpening skills, and many drills. The other half focuses on the transformative power of plyometric training. This hotbox emerges you into the experience of the Boom as speakers set the tempo on every moment if thats from a jab to a hard left hook. Learning how to punch someone in the face is just a bonus.


Melissa’s goal on opening Dope boutique boxing studio in Boise is straightforward, on making you feel comfortable and confident. Upon Entering a class you feel invited as everyone inside stands behind a bag with a similar goal. The support offered allows newcomers to sign up for another class keeping that level of comfort.  


If you're in Boise and looking to drip some sweat, have the beat bumpin', and some badass boxing, what are you waiting for? Get yourself swinging today at Dope.

DOPE Boutique Boxing in Boise

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