Idahoans love to drive fast; in fact, it's challenging to get a speeding ticket in the Gem State. In some parts of our state, the speed limit is 80mph; however, most folks don't drive the speed limit. Idahoans don't have to worry about speed traps due to a lack of police on our roads. 

Is there a specific type of car or color of car that attracts the most speeding in Idaho? Some folks blame police officers for pulling them over, stating excuses like, 'he just doesn't like my car or the color of my car." However, Idahoans have a reputation for a lead foot.

YouTube/-palm beach county sheriff's office
YouTube/-palm beach county sheriff's office

Speeding in Idaho

If you don't want to take a hit on your car insurance premium and avoid getting a ticket, drive the speed limit. The car that gets caught speeding the most is not a blue, red, or black. The number one car for speeding is white.

The American Auto Insurance group explains:

It turns out that there is a color that gets pulled over more than others, but it’s not red. The vehicle color that gets pulled over more than any other color is actually white. However, red does come in second place. Gray and silver round out the list, taking the third and fourth spots, respectively.

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