The Idaho Legislature is once again considering a bill that would legally allow people to 'speed' in certain zones.  Why this is not a good idea.  The bill sponsored by Representative Clow would apply to two-lane highways, according to the Spokesman-Review.  The bill would empower motorist to speed up as much as 15mph over the legal speed limit.

With all due respect to our legislators, has anyone been on the connector lately?  Yes, I know the connector is not a two lane highway.  I don't believe we need legislation to authorize folks to speed up.  Isn't it common sense, that most of us use when we want to pass a slower vehicle?  Plus if someone is going close to the speed limit why do we want to pass them?

What's needed is more enforcement of basic traffic laws.  How many times have you been tailgated while driving home?  My favorite is that they're isn't a speed limit on most Idaho Roads including I84.

While we all wish most motorists have common sense while driving, raising the speed limit endangers only those of us that follow it.  A better use of the legislature would be to find a way to fund more ISP Officers to enforce the current speeding laws that are currently on the books.

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