People are watching YouTube videos now more than ever. Who's top dog when it comes to clicks in Idaho? The answer might surprise you.

Every day, thousands of Idahoans jump on their laptop or phone to watch their favorite YouTubers fill them in on everything they need to know. Or dog videos. Either way. Anyways, AT&T found out what YouTube channel is most popular in every state, and this writer is quite proud to live in the Gem State today.

Idaho's favorite YouTube channel? Machinima.

If you're not familiar with the team at Machinima, their channel is dedicated to all things nerd. Tech, movies, video games, everything under the nerd umbrella is covered here. You might know them from 'Grand Theft Mario' or 'GamerPoop: Skyrim.' While the humor might seem juvenile, these guys and girls have their finger on the pulse of the nerd world, and fans are eating it up.

To date, Machinima has over 5,700,000,000 views. Not bad for some dorks, eh? You can see the rest of the nation's favorite channels here.


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