We often joke about the love for the City of Boise here in the Treasure Valley--the true sense of pride for living in our area. But it's true--the love for our city is real and honestly it is what adds to the unique sense of charm that we all know and love--it's what makes Boise so "Boise-Like".

Even those of us who love this city do occasionally need a break. A break from work and a break from the same old things. Did you know that there are TEN places that you can fly to for UNDER $100 right now!?

Check out this list of possible getaway destinations, below: 

10 Flights Out Of Boise for Under $100

We all know that Boise, Idaho is one of the greatest cities in the country to live in. The secret is out and thousands are moving here. But even those of us who LOVE this city need a little time away and these cheap flights out of the Boise Airport could make your next vacation much more affordable!

With the fall coming up quickly, we're seeing a lot of appetizing destinations. If you're a football fan, odds are you might be down for a game at Washington State University--it's the "Go Cougs" spirit of Pullman that sounds like a fun, fall getaway to us!

Love the entertainment and movie scene? Both Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California could be right up your ally and by the way--as temperatures quickly drop here in the Treasure valley, you could be looing at much warmer temperatures.

Finally, we all know that Boise is home to a lot of Seahawk fans and yes, both Seattle AND Everett, Washington are among some of the best flight deals right now.

It's important to not that all of these flights are on Alaska Airlines and they're only available for a limited time so it would be wise to book and book NOW!

Happy traveling, Boise!

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