Have you been to the Haunted Lake in Idaho, and do you know why it's haunted?  Here's the creepy details of what happened.


Spirit Lake is next to a town which is also named Spirit Lake.  There's just over 2,000 residents in town and it's part of the Coeur d'Alene Metropolitan area.  The lake itself looks spooky with fog and mist that often times rolls in but the story of how this lake became haunted makes it that much spookier.


Legend says that many years ago the lake was called "Clear Water" but that all changed when the Kootenai Indians went through a tragic experience.  They changed the name to "Tesemini" which means Lake of the Spirits.


Hya-Pam was the gorgeous daughter of one of the Kootenai Tribe chiefs.  She loved a young warrior named Hasht-Eel-Ame-Hoom which translates into Shining Eagle.  The chief was trying to keep peace with a rival tribe so they wouldn't have to go to war so he promised his daughter to the rival's chieftan as a peace marriage.


The two young lovers couldn't stand the thought of being without each other so they chained themselves up and jumped into the lake.  They were never found.  Alive that is.


People often report of seeing the two on nights where the moon lights up the lake.  Many sightings of the young lovers' ghostly silhouettes drifting across the lake in a canoe have been reported.  When investigated... no canoe is found and no bodies.


In the Spring a foggy mist hovers above the lake and through the mist you'll hear a low, spooky moaning sound.  It's distinct and clear but seeing through the mist and fog is impossible.  Legend says the moans are the two lovers crying out to seek freedom from the Spirit of the Lakes, but that freedom never comes.


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