The following blog was inspired by a column written by Dick Feagler.  He's a great writer and commentator that made his mark in Cleveland, Ohio.  He wrote about the real meaning of love and even though it's been over twenty years since I read it, it still resonates with me today.

Love is a popular item to discuss at work, home, church, gym, and just about anywhere else.  TV shows devote hours of programming to finding that perfect match.  Singers belt out tunes about love.  Movies devote plots, twists, and turns to defining love.  They miss the mark entirely.

The popular media portrayal does a grave disservice to the real meaning of love.  We have shows that have half naked folks kissing and rushing to get to the bedroom.   Love is portrayed as a physical conquest.  Vows and commitments take a back seat to desires and fantasies played out in our multimedia world.  That is not love.  I can hear Feagler's words as I type them out to you now.

Love is for better or worse, not words but actions.  Love is a partner taking care of a sick spouse day in and day out.  Trips to hospitals, doctors, and clinics are not romanticized in popular songs.  Love is taking care of that someone who can't take care of themselves.  Love is sacrifice.

Love is understanding, it's not about me, but we.  Even if that means taking a back seat on a long road trip.  Love is being a good role model to kids who came along with the marriage.  Love is patience when you have little.  Love is buying the kids or your spouse something that they really want at a cost to you.  Love is working the second or third job so your family has a better life.  Love is selfless not selfish.

A quick note to anyone who is alone on Valentine's Day.  Do not despair and become depressed.  Your time is just around the corner.  I had committed myself to being single and then I met Dorothy.  She's now Mrs. Miller and I'm truly blessed to have her in my life.  So don't let the movies and propaganda get to you.  You won't find love in fictional multimedia delusions, but in the reality of life.