It's spring in California, and that means the winter hibernation for the state's bears is coming to an end. We always read stories about bears attacking folks in the West. A fun camping trip can turn deadly when a bear decides you're his snack. 

Even if you're not a camper, the recent bear activity in the hills and woods of Southern California is a cause for concern. The LA Times highlights that bears are now venturing closer to human settlements, with Pine Mountain Village, a small town just an hour outside of Los Angeles, experiencing a significant increase in bear encounters. 

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The Black Bears are ripping off roofs, breaking through windows, turning on stoves, catching homes on fire, and believe it or not, totaling cars. The bears can also open car doors, a skill they've developed to access food left in vehicles. 

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The LA Times reports over five hundred sixty calls for assistance and over three hundred home entries. 

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The lawmakers are thinking about bears as they've officially declared this year the year of the Grizzly Bear in California, a symbolic move to raise awareness about bear conservation and safety. Did you know the bear has been the state animal for one hundred years? 

Although cartoons have made bears out to be friendly, think Yogi, most bears are not warm and cuddly. They are wild animals and can pose a serious threat. Experts say bears should not be fed to secure your trash in wooded areas. A bear's sense of smell is several times stronger than a human's.

Experts also advise that using electrical fencing helps protect your chickens and other big and small animals from a bear attack. It's also a good idea to make sure your grill is clean. These are practical steps you can take to ensure your safety. 

Here are a few life-saving tips on how to survive a bear attack. Click the link here to get the information to save your life from a hungry bear. 

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You probably already know that Idaho is home to plenty of bears-- but how often do you get to see them? When it comes to baby bears, there are even fewer chances--an encounter with them in the wild could cause the need for an aggressive escape from a looming mama bear.

Idaho Black Bear Rescue does an amazing job of sharing photos and videos from their refuge where baby bears are the stars!

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