A film shot in central Idaho and recently released for streaming is being described as one of the best movies available for streaming right now. Although the majority of the movie's scenes were filmed in doors, the exterior shots were captured 60 miles north of Twin Falls in the Wood River Valley.

Mass tells the story of two families torn apart by tragedy. It's receiving incredible reviews, according to Boise Public Radio who recently did a write up of their own. In the film, parents of two students killed in a mass shooting come together to discuss the incident and attempt to overcome grief. Movie review sites as Rotten Tomatoes and Roger Ebert.com have hailed the film as being very, very good.

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The 150-minute movie was released in a limited number of theaters in October of 2021, and has received a rating of PG-13. It was written and directed by newcomer Fran Kranz. Mass has some strong language and subject matter that might be upsetting for some viewers.

Mass shootings in the United States continue to happen at an alarming rate. Idaho has also been impacted by on-campus gun violence. Two 2021 incidents took part just months from one another at Rigby Middle School, which is located just 170 miles northeast of Twin Falls. In both incidents, school staff was credited with quickly intervening and helping to avoid further injury.

To view the trailer for Mass, click here.

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