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When we were kids, people talked about how pivotal the sixties were in terms of culture and music. Today, I continue to marvel at the impact the 1980s have on our culture.
The eighties were an era of hair bands and the Reagan Revolution. Radio stations still play the music that is now over forty years old. In honor of the now-deceased Eddie Van Halen, here are a few of the great videos of the Van Halen Era.

If you were born before the Van Halen Era, here's a profile of his contributions to music from CBS This Morning.

Let's go back to their first album.  Yes, vinyl was not vintage in the day, vinyl was a way of life along with the record player.  You can see the beginning of the video era with the limited special effects.

Dance the Night Away was there first hit for the emerging band from the West Coast.  You can see the video here.

Beautiful Girls describes the life that most males wanted to live prior to the MeToo era.  It was every dude's fantasy to live the life of lead singer David Lee Roth.  It's not a hit, but the song reflects the mood of the times when their second album Van Halen II was released.

If you've ever wondered what the life of a rock star was like, the video Panama which was the follow up to Jump off of 1984 will give you a historical perspective.

Hot for Teacher... Why are we including this video?  Well, as Prince would say... it was a sign of the times...

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