Idaho and potatoes go hand in hand. Idaho brings in about $1 Billion per year through farming and agriculture around potatoes alone. Making us the top in the country. See more of Idaho's farming breakdown here.

Even though a couple in New Zealand recently found the biggest potato on record in their garden, Idaho still prides itself on the best potatoes. The New Zealand potato was a whopping 17.4 pounds and ugly as can be. See photos and check out more on that here. 

Idaho is even home to a potato hotel. Yes, you can sleep and stay in a giant hotel, not that pretty from the outside but the inside is quite beautiful. See photos and find out more on that here. 

The famous Mr. Potato head made a run for Boise mayor in 1985. He didn't win but it shows again how much the gem state loves and values potatoes. Read more on that here. 

At the end of the year forget the big shinny New Years ball drop, here in Idaho we have a giant New Years potato drop to bring in the new year! Who needs glitz when you can have delish?

Now that we fully understand how important potatoes are to Idaho. How do we like to eat them? Well just about every which way works for most, but the most eaten and desired way to eat potatoes in the gem state according to a recent study by Zippia is a good old fashion classic, Baked Potatoes.

Idaho is one of only 3 states in the country who apricate the unprocessed and crack it open put some yums on top and chow down style of a baked potato. Montana and Oklahoma are the other two.

Other states in our region have a different take on the beloved and possibly the most versatile food on the planet. California prefers Garlic fries. Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Washington should really explore their potato options more as mashed potatoes are their top choice. Nevada gets a little creative with Cheese Fries being the fave and finally Wyoming brings potato comfort with Potato soup being the top choice.

Looking for more potato inspiration? There is a video that went viral a few months back from TikTok of a guy boiling potato chips to make mashed potatoes. It looks pretty gross, no wonder it didn't make the list of favorite ways to eat potatoes in any state. This video is kind of a must see, check it out here. Would you dare to ever try it?

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