Idaho is one of the most patriotic states in the country. Our state honors those who've served our nation and those who continue to serve. Saturday, our country and our state will honor veterans on Veteran's Day.

The history of Veteran's Day begins with the end of the Great War, otherwise known as World War One. The end of the war, or truce, was signed on the eleventh month of the eleventh day of the eleventh hour.

What's The Difference Between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day?

Veteran's Day honors those who have served or continue to serve. Memorial Day is when we honor those who've died in service to our country—those service members who will never retire from the military but paid the ultimate price.

American servicemen and women volunteer to leave their homes to travel around the world to protect our country. They take an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution. It's not easy to be in the military; folks spend years away from their home's safety, security, and warmth.

10 Ways to Thank an Idaho Veteran

Please take a look and make a difference supporting Idaho Veterans.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Check out photos from past Idaho Veteran's Parade

The parade returns and here's a brief preview.

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Here's How You Can Thank AN Idaho Veteran For Their Service

Everyday is Veteran's Day in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Want more ways to thank a Veteran? Click the link here. 

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