Air Force

Boise Skies Will Be Crowded This Week
This training will expose Idaho pilots to scenarios beyond their normal Close Air Support training, which consists primarily of engaging ground targets, by providing them with an opportunity to hone their air-to-air to combat skills.
Air Force Makes A Bad Call on F35 Bases
Not everyone is upset about losing the F35, the folks who complained about the sound won't have to worry about losing sleep anymore. The sound of freedom will be roaring in Alabama and Texas. There's always next time Idaho.
Thank You Veterans
Their families understand the sacrifice. Imagine wondering if your spouse will make it back from a long, long, deployment?
F35A Could Be Coming To Gowen Field
The Department of the Air Force announced today that Gowen Field is one of five installations being considered as a potential location to base roughly 18 F-35. Before a final decision is made by the Air Force, several key steps are required, such as a facility validation inspection and an Environmental Impact Study, which will include a public comment period...
Ryan’s Letter From Boot Camp
The following is letter from our friend Hotel Ryan while at Air Force Basic Training. "And good morning Vietnam!  I mean Boise!  Boi-see.  Even though I'm from California, I've been correcting everyone here at BMT on where I tell them I'm from...
580 KIDO at Mountain Home Air Force Base
580 KIDO's Ray Amaya visited the Mountain Home Air Force Base today to promote their "Gunfighter Skies" Airshow event coming up September 20th and 21st. He spoke to medical staff, airshow coordinators, multiple pilots and the base commander who holds the Air Force's record for most flight hours in an F-15 fighter jet (4,400, which equals six months in the air...