In the end, we're left with Dave Bieter trying to explain how Gowen Field didn't get the latest Air Force Fighter/Bomber, the F35.    The Air Force decided that Montgomery, Alabama would be the new home of the F35.  Now, I've had the opportunity to visit that base in Montgomery, and in my opinion, it pales in comparison to Gowen Field.  I doubt that the available air space comes close to the world class training ranges in Idaho.

The F35 program would've ensured the future of Gowen Field.  Today, Gowen is home to the still durable A10 Fighters.  I believe in the A10 program and I believe that it will be around for out longer than the critics predict.  It will be up to Idaho's Congregational Delegation to continue to lobby for the program's future.

The other base that will be getting the F35s is in Texas.  Why Texas?  Who knows?  The Air Force explained their decision in a press release.

“Putting F-35s at these two Air National Guard bases continues our transition into the next generation of air superiority,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein. “It helps ensure we can always offer the Commander-in-Chief air power options and be ready to penetrate any enemy air defenses, hold any target at risk and go when and where the president tells us to go. We're the options guys. The F-35 is critical to the family of systems we need to accomplish this mission for the nation now and in the future."

Not everyone is upset about losing the F35, the folks who complained about the sound won't have to worry about losing sleep anymore.  The sound of freedom will be roaring in Alabama and Texas.  There's always next time Idaho.

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