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Kevin Miller Show 11/13/19
Kevin Miller begins the program by previewing the much publicized impeachment hearings today from Washington DC.  Kevin Miller maintains that the president is innocent.
Kevin Miller Show 11/8/19
Kevin Miller is broadcasting live from the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho.  It's part of the Promote our Schools, Secure our Future program that has been on the station for years.  He interviews students and teachers attending the college...
Kevin Miller Show 11/5/19
Kevin Miller begins the program this morning by previewing the upcoming elections.  Boise, Meridian, and Star will be electing a mayor today.  Kevin Miller urges Idahoans to vote today.  Kevin Miller reports on a troubling story involving food...
Kevin Miller Show 11/4/19
Kevin Miller welcomes the audience from a well deserved weekend.  Kevin Miller reviews the latest in the liberal attempts to remove President Donald Trump from office.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to the latest news...
Kevin Miller Show 11/1/19
Kevin Miller begins the morning by broadcasting live from Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho.  He interviews the members of the administration, teachers, and students.  Kevin Miller covers the reaction to yesterday's impeachment vote in the House of Representatives...

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