Best-selling author financial guru and talk show host Dave Ramsey joins Kevin Miller Wednesday morning at 605am on KIDO Talk Radio. Dave is well known for his nationally syndicated talk show that airs noon to three weekday afternoons on KIDO Talk Radio.  

Mr. Ramsey will be discussing his new book 'Baby Steps Millionaires.' The talk show host is well known for his faith-based straight talk on getting out of debt and getting right with the Lord. The new book is his first book in eight years. He looks at how regular people overcame their deficits to become millionaires, some of them many times over. 

He describes the effort it took to bring their stories to life in a release: "This is a book 30 years in the making," Ramsey said. "I've coached millions of people on 'The Ramsey Show' over that last 30 years, and people come up to me all the time saying they're millionaires because they followed the Ramsey Baby Steps. The stories of real Baby Steps Millionaires will show you this is really possible — because these millionaires are just like you!"

Dave Ramsey has advocated for folks getting out of debt for years. Several years ago, he visited our area while entertaining and educating several thousand folks at the Morrison Center. Ramsey Solutions works with businesses, churches, individuals who need guidance when dealing with their debt situations.   

The Ramsey Show has been on the air since 1992. The show airs from the Ramsey Headquarters in Franklin, Tennesee. If you miss Dave's appearance Wednesday morning, you can listen to the Kevin Miller Show Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.  

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