It's that time of year where we can't ignore them.  Campaign signs are everywhere throughout our country and our state. I'd like to ask you if you'd mind putting up one of our signs in your yard.  Why put a 'Vote for Kevin Miller KIDO Talk Radio sign in your yard?  Well, our show represents the First Amendment and we love to hear what you have to say every morning Monday-Friday 5am-10am.

By placing a sing in your yard, you're helping us spread the word to an entire new community of potential listeners.  We've all heard the statistics concerning how many people are moving into the state of Idaho.  In this ever important world we're living in, we can't take for granted that people know where they can listen to Conservative Talk Radio.

How do you get a KIDO Talk Radio Campaign Sign?  We have them at our office which is located in Boise.  The address is:

KIDO Talk Radio

827 East Park Blvd.  Suite 100

Boise, Idaho 83712

Can't get to Boise?  We're working on away to get those signs to you directly.  Please send me an email and we'll see if we can deliver one to your home.  My email is

Regardless, if you like a sign, we'd appreciate the opportunity to earn a little piece of real estate on your property.  The election season can be a tough grind on all of us.  Let's not believe the hype that it's over.  It's not over till the results are in till election day and the voters have spoken.

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