This weekend we honor our veterans.  For some it's a day off, for others, it's an acknowledge from a society which has benefited from the sacrifices of the less than one percent who have served and currently serve our country.

In the area of the never-ending war, it's sometimes easy for a free society to take for granted those who are serving in other parts of America or overseas.  You know the phrase, 'freedom is not free.'  Our young, and not so young people pay the price daily for us to enjoy being the envy of the world.

On this Veteran's Day Weekend, I'd like to share with you what makes a person become a veteran.  The words duty, honor, country, are not mere words, but a way of life.  A system, a lifestyle, a code.  Those words are followed by actions.  Serving in a sub underneath the ocean.  On the front lines at the DMZ.  Or living at a FOB (forward operating base) in Afghanistan.

One becomes a veteran at an early age by leaving the warmth and comfort of home.  Going to places like Fort Knox, Kentucky, Paris Island, South Carolina, Great Lakes, Illinois, or Lackland, Texas.  Where thousands of strangers, become a family and swear an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

Some serve in the active duty, while others choose the guard or reserve.  They all know that when called upon, they will help.  In an area of pseudo first amendment protests, they are the standard; they fight so we can express our freedoms.  They are simply amazing.

Their families understand the sacrifice.  Imagine wondering if your spouse will make it back from a long, long, deployment?  Or not being able to discuss what happened at work because of national security.  There should be a day that we honor military families.  They allow us to have their most precious sons, daughter, fathers, and mothers.  God Bless for their gifts to us.  We'd honestly be lost without them.

In a perfect world, we would pay veterans what they're worth.  Although they don't serve for the money, it would also be impossible to put a real financial value on their service.  We could start with what we pay professional athletes and entertainers.

So as you see a young or not so young veteran, please thank them for their service.  It never gets old and it lets the veterans know what we love, honor, and cherish their work.  God Bless all who've served.  Thank you!



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