According to the sage contributors of Urban Dictionary, a Missed Connection is a "section of Craigslist where people can post about strangers they saw on the subway, at work, in elevators, [and] at rock shows." Such depth.


Part of me finds it difficult to digest that Missed Connections is still a thing in 2022. But second thoughts call to mind to the popularity of online dating apps and events that seem to shed the message board of its obscurity.


We're cheering for some.


And requesting police protection for others.


Idaho's Treasure Valley is growing leaps and bounds by the year. People are moving here from around the country to connect with the outdoors, the lower taxes, and...unwed pregnant women at Walmart.


Okay, very few—but they're out there, friend.
Don't believe me? The Missed Connections on Boise's Craigslist are standing by to amplify your curiosity for what's happening at grocery stores, playgrounds, church socials, and science fairs around the Treasure Valley.

And let's be honest with ourselves. Most of us if not all of us have wondered at least once or twice if someone Missed-Connectioned us. What I won't ask you to own is how salty it feels to find out that no one ever has.

All the same, have fun living vicariously through these fabulously awkward 14 Boise Missed Connections!

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14 of Boise's Best Missed Connections On Craigslist

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