It has already been a very busy offseason for the Utah Jazz, full of ups and downs. The lows of the 2022 offseason included yet another early exit from the playoffs after having success in the regular season, Coach Snyder stepping down, and a plethora of rumors of players wanting out and trade speculation.

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The highs are finally starting to break through the clutter, as the Jazz were able to trade three-time NBA Defensive Player Of The Year Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves in an absolute steal including five players and five picks. Things might finally be looking up for the team. Maybe.

Now, all of the attention turns to All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell. What will the team choose to do with him? What does he want for himself? All of these questions should be asked, and hopefully the team has more answers than the public does.

It's been rumored for a long time now that Mitchell wants out of Salt Lake City and could want to play in a city like New York or Miami. Both would benefit Donovan as they are significantly bigger markets than SLC. They could help his brand, and what 25 year old doesn't want to live in Miami or NYC?

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Mentally, I keep going back to what ESPN's Brian Windhorst said on First Take the other day about how we should all be watching Utah. He was very vague but made it clear something big was happening there. Shortly after, Rudy Gobert was traded to Minnesota in one of the biggest one-sided deals in all of sports history, benefiting the Utah Jazz. Check out what he said below.

Was he just referring to what would soon be happening with Rudy Gobert or is there still more to come? To me, it feels like he was talking about much more than that. So, could more players like Donovan Mitchell be next? Will the team be starting over completely to focus on the future? Or, will they be brining in another All-Star to partner with Mitchell? Anything is possible.

I've looked and assessed all the possible situations and rumors surrounding Mitchell and the Jazz, and have landed on the five most possible outcomes for the pair. Here are the five most likely outcomes for this situation.

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5 Most Likely Outcomes With The Utah Jazz And Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz have had a wild start to their offseason. It began, as it has lately, with a disappointing early exit from the NBA playoffs after a solid regular season. Then, Coach Quin Snyder walked away. After that, Rudy Gobert was traded for a massive haul. Now, all eyes are on All-Star and face of the franchise, Donovan Mitchell.

What will the team choose to do with Mitchell? What does Mitchell want for himself? All of this will soon be coming to the forefront. There are already rumors, but nothing set in stone.

Let's take a look at 5 options the Jazz have for Donovan right now.
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What do you think the Jazz will end up doing with Donovan Mitchell? Do you believe them when they say it's their plan to build around him as the face of the franchise? Comment or send me a Tweet @CortFreeman.

For more on the wild 2022 offseason for the Utah Jazz, keep reading. For more on that massive trade for Rudy Gobert read my article from last week here: Worst Trade Ever? Utah Jazz Fleece Minnesota Timberwolves In Trade.

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns
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