UFC Fight Night
Christian Petersen /Getty Images

Nate Diaz beat Conor Mcgregor in UFC 196.The fight was an intense bloody mess as the Stockton, California Bad Boy refused to let several cuts on his face stop him from beating the UFC Bantamweight Champion.  The fight was one of the most anticipated battles in modern UFC History fueled by the charismatic Mcgregor.    The end came in the second round as both fighters appeared to be tired due to the intense pace of the fight.  The fight was a typical Diaz fight that featured plenty of profanity, slaps to the face and punches to the face.  The end came when Mcgregor attempted a take down that resulted in a Diaz choke.

Mcgregor dominated the first round with several punches to the face that bloodied the face of Diaz.  The veteran Diaz used his weight and range to get through the first round.  He appeared to get his timing down by the end of the first round.

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