It will be the biggest pay per view event ever.  The undefeated Floyd Mayweather verses the notorious Conor McGregor.  How Connor once again does the unthinkable and gives the money man his first loss.  The media world has no choice but to cover this fight.  We've all heard of the phrase, 'too big to fail.'  This contest is too big to ignore.  So called fight experts do not give the pride of Ireland much of a chance.

They cite Mayweather's mastery of the ring, which he's forty-nine and O, tying him with the all time great Rocky Marciano. Floyd is no fool. The formerly retired champ has earned almost a billion dollars dispatching opponents over twenty-one years.
The only skill that could match his skill in the ring is his ability as a promoter and picking opponents. However, this is where the money team will go broke.
Conor McGregor may appear to be an obnoxious athlete from a fringe sport. I like to describe him as what would happen if you combined Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Bruce Lee into one person. You'd get Connor.
He's beaten the unbeatable in the UFC. The only one to hold championships in two weight divisions at the same time. It doesn't matter if he's been in the Octagon as opposed to a boxing ring.
McGregor just turned twenty-nine, while Floyd is forty. He's shorter, smaller, and he's been out of the ring for over two years. Boxing experts speak of Mayweather's defensive skill, and they're right. However, Conor's youth, size, and uncanny ability to figure out opponents will be too much for Floyd.
If this fight took place three years ago, it wouldn't be worth the admission to the press conferences. But it isn't. The money team will go broke on this one. The good news is that I'm sure the rematch will be in Ireland.

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