The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise, causing many Idahoans to worry about whether or not they can afford the medicines that keep them alive and healthy. We detail the shortage of one of the most critical drugs here. 

One Idaho county has launched a program to help you save money on your prescription drugs. Ada County Commissioners have signed on to the Live Healthy Discount Program. The program will offer discounts for folks who need help paying for health and dental services. The service is a national one that will help local Idahoans stay healthy in inflationary times. 

How Do You Get The Drug Discounts?

It's easy to sign up for The Live Healthy Discount Program. All you have to do is go to to enroll to see if you're eligible for health service prescriptions and a dental card. You'll be able to download the card, although it is not an insurance card.

What Does It Cover?

  • 24/7 tele medicine services provided through the low-fee Health Discount Program. This includes unlimited calls with a clinician without a co-pay.
  • An average of 30 percent savings on prescriptions for resident and their pets through the NO-COST discount program.

Ada County Commissioners Share Their Thoughts


Ada County Commissioner Kendra Kenyon spoke about the impact of this program. "As a county commissioner, I have witnessed firsthand how limited access to prescription drugs and healthcare affects our court system, the people who rely on county services and the individuals attempting to provide those services." She continued, "for those who do not have an employee provided healthcare, a discount on prescription and healthcare."

Ryan Davidson, Ada County Commissioner, we are pleased to help counties alleviate expenses, especially when so many families are struggling to keep up with rising healthcare costs."

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